Gaudium Associates


Gaudium writes a new chapter in Korean exhibition. Beginning from ‘Masterpieces with Monica’ (2015 to 2017), an arts education exhibition designed with the concept of a journey with cartoons to the world’s museums, the company will hold ’Western Women who Loved Korea‘(the exhibition organized in May 9 to June 5, 2016 at National Library of Korea), followed by ‘Muse of Paris: Marie Laurencin’ (to be held in December 2017 to March 2018). We broaden the cultural horizon with novel exhibitions that conspires with the times through interaction with audience.


With the topics of art, life, and people, GA Books unravels through publishing stories of life, art, and people who live as their heroes or heroines. As our first project, we will present you in early 2016 with 'Unframed Artist (tentatively titled)', in which the curator of the Smithsonian Institution puts essays to the previously undisclosed photos of such artists as Jackson Pollock, Frida Kahlo, and Andy Warhol.


Our first project was '2014 Hwaseong Women's Week' a cultural event which included 'Kim Mi Kyung's Tricolored Talk Show', '20 Female Leaders', and 'Job Fair'. Gaudium has since presented a variety of events and cultural events such as 'Hwaseong Gender Equality Commemoration' (2015) and 'Monica Fair' (2015) with Lotte Department Store. With planning skills that cover the full gamut of in-depth cultural content, we create and operate enjoyable cultural content that touches the actual life of consumers.

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‘The Very’, a social media where information producers and users build their special experiences by selecting and curating helpful information in the deluge of news, is accessible for you around the clock. The Very is trying to become an open channel where everyone produces information and distributes it in all spheres including books.

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